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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have an application?  Is there an application fee?

Pre-applications can be filled out online anytime.  There is a link on the main page or under any of the properties.  Please make sure you write down your confirmation number for future reference.  There is not an application fee.

How do I get to your building?

The Aberdeen Housing Authority is located at 310 South Roosevelt Street.

How old do you have to be to apply?  Do I have to be 18?

It is a HUD regulation that you must be at least 18 years of age or legally emancipated to be eligible for Section 8 or Public Housing.

What is the difference between Section 8 and Public Housing?

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program enables families to locate a residence with the landlord they choose as long as the landlord is not a relative.  This landlord must be willing to participate in the Section 8 Program and the unit must pass an inspection. Public Housing units are owned and managed by the Aberdeen Housing Authority.

Who accepts the Section 8 Program?  Does every landlord have to?  Can I get a landlord list from your office?

There are numerous landlords in the Aberdeen area who participate in the Section 8 Program. Please know that a landlord has the option not to participate in our program. A list of landlords who accept Section 8 can be picked up at our office.

Do you have emergency housing?  Where can I go for emergency assistance?

Unfortunately we do not provide emergency assistance.  There are a number of agencies in the community who provide emergency assistance.  A community resource list can be picked up from our office during business hours or there is also a listing under the About Us– Links/Emergency Help tab.

What if I don’t have a job or income? Do I qualify if I’m a single parent?  Do I have to have children to apply?  What if I’m a college student?

Anyone can apply for housing assistance.  Your final eligibility will be determined at the time you reach the top of the waiting lists.

How much will my rent be?

Your portion of your rent is dependent upon the income in the household.

How long am I able to receive assistance?

There is no limit of time that a person or family is able to receive housing assistance. The only requirement is that the person or family qualifies within the income limits.

Where am I on the waiting list?  What is the wait for Section 8 and Public Housing?  Why is the waiting list so long?

You can call our office at (605) 226-2321 ext. 1000 during normal business hours to check your position on our waiting list.  Unfortunately the waiting list for our programs can be quite lengthy.  The time on the waiting list varies depending on the number of people on the list, the amount of funding (Section 8) or current tenants moving out (Public Housing).

Why do I keep moving up or down on the waiting list?

Your placement can fluctuate due to new applicants, people with certain preferences (residency, elderly/disabled, families, domestic violence, disaster) or names being removed from the list.

How will I be contacted when I come to the top of the waiting list?

When your name reaches the top of the waiting list we will attempt to contact you via the United States Postal Service to the last address you provided us.  It is imperative that you report all changes in address, income and phone number to us immediately in writing.

Once approved for housing, may I add or remove family members from my household? When do I fill out a change form?

Yes, it is possible to add or remove family members from your household.  When a member change occurs the Aberdeen Housing Authority asks that you stop in to the office to fill out the paperwork.  We ask that you fill this paperwork out within 10 days of the change.  Adding or removing members of the household can affect the payment standard, so it is pertinent that this be reported immediately.  A change form needs to be filled out whenever there is a change in the household (new job, job loss, new member, a change in childcare expenses, etc).  If a new member or other changes are not reported, eviction and punishment can occur.