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Reminder: We are closed tomorrow to observe July 4th. If you need to see your case worker, the doors are open until 2:00 and you can call them until 5:00 today. ...

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New Cell Phone Law!

PIERRE, S.D. – Starting July 1, drivers in South Dakota will no longer be able to use mobile electronic devices, including cell phones, for texting or other purposes while they drive.
House Bill 1169, which was passed during the 2020 legislative session, prohibits drivers from using a phone for social media uses. The new law allows drivers to hold the phone to their ear to talk, but any data entry other than putting the contact number into the device must be done under a hands-free mode.

Violation of the new law is a primary offense and is a Class 2 misdemeanor.

Exceptions to the law are:

o Emergency responders and public utility workers in the performance of their official duties;
o Use of the device to report emergencies to emergency response agencies;
o GPS or mapping programs can be used, but information cannot be entered into the device while driving;
o Drivers can select a contact out of the device list to then use in a hands-free mode or activate or disengage hands-free mode.
o To activate and deactivate the hands-free mode.

This message was provided by the Highway Patrol, part of the Department of Public Safety.

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FYIChanges to South Dakota's Move Over laws have been made to keep emergency personnel, roadside workers, and anyone on our highways safe. 🚧🚔🚙 #KeepSDsafe

Changes to the law 👇

Full release: news.sd.gov/newsitem.aspx?id=26981

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History and Development

In November 1969 the City Commission adopted, pursuant to the Housing Authority Law, a resolution to establish a “Housing and Redevelopment Commission” for the city of Aberdeen. Effective January 1, 1970, the first Housing Commissioners were appointed. The Mayor appoints housing commissioners for 5 year terms. They are volunteer, non-paid citizens who contribute substantial time, interest, and effort in overseeing the operation of the Housing Authority according to the rules and regulations passed on from congressional enforcements. Meetings are held once a month, with special meetings as authorized by the Bylaws. The Aberdeen Housing Authority staff completes verifications of each resident’s income and medical expenses, if applicable, no less than every 12 months.

The Aberdeen Housing and Redevelopment Commission administers low-rent, subsidized housing programs in Brown, McPherson, Marshall, Day and Roberts counties.

Year(s) Built

Public Housing Program

75 Homestead Apartments
2222 3rd Ave SE
25 Non-Elderly Family Homes
7 scattered sites

Multi-Family Properties


51 Sherman Apartments
223 S. Main St.
55 Dakota Square Apartments
1902 N. Dakota St.

Tax Credit/Multi-Family Properties

32 Lawson View Townhomes
1315 S. High St.
1316 S. Lawson St.

Tax Credit Properties


28 Sunshine Park Townhomes
1524 S. Lawson St.
32 Meadow Wood Townhomes
2714 1st Ave SE
41 Jackson Heights Apartments
1016 1st Ave SE
40 Central Villas
1901 S Merton St

Section 8 Existing Program

492 Vouchers with Private Landlords
Began 1991

Brown, McPherson, Marshall, Day, & Roberts Counties